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Founded in 1974, by Thomas V. Giles, The Giles Law Firm has provided professional estate planning and probate services to clients throughout Michigan for decades. We are an experienced, innovative and creative law firm.

Estate planning is an interactive process between attorneys and clients. We listen to your goals, consult with you, advise you, and assist you in developing a customized estate plan that meets your particular wishes and complies with the law. We have a diverse client base, ranging from traditional married couples of all ages, widows and widowers, to second marriages and nontraditional relationships, including unmarried couples and same-sex marriages, as well as single people, who have never been married or are divorced.

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Probate involves the maneuvering of a court system and various statutes either during your lifetime, if a guardianship or conservatorship becomes necessary or upon your death if proper steps were not taken to avoid probate. We have years of experience working in the Michigan Probate Courts and pride ourselves on the ability to obtain cost-effective resolutions without significant delay. Our objective during the probate process is to relieve you of the stress and confusion that can often result when courts are involved. We do this by explaining the process throughout, answering questions and keeping you informed.

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Our professional estate planning and probate services include:

An Experienced Attorney And Counsellor Of Law

Molly Giles, current practicing attorney at The Giles Law Firm, exhibits a passion for providing creative solutions for estate planning and probate matters. Learn more about Ms. Giles in the short biography below:

Molly Giles is an accomplished estate planning and probate lawyer. She has practiced law for over 20 years, after earning her Juris Doctor from Wayne State University Law School. She enjoys helping clients achieve their goals through innovative estate planning solutions. Every client requires a unique estate planning strategy. Ms. Giles enjoys the creative and rewarding aspect of customized estate planning. Read more about her here.

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