Appoint A Conservatorship Or Guardianship For A Loved One

If a loved one is ill or injured, they may need help managing their affairs and medical decisions. This means that they will need a conservator or guardian. The appointment of a conservator or a guardian provides legal authority to make decisions on someone else's behalf when they are incapable of making and communicating informed choices.

As a conservator or guardian, you will be responsible for making difficult decisions. The court does not take these roles lightly because they limit the freedom of choice. It is important to seek assistance from a lawyer if you wish to appoint a conservatorship or guardianship for a loved one. At The Giles Law Firm, we have assisted clients in Michigan to appoint guardians and conservators since 1974.

Managing A Loved One's Affairs And Medical Care

If you are concerned for the welfare of a relative or loved one, then we can assist you in appointing a conservatorship or guardianship. Ideally, an attorney can help you create an estate plan to avoid these legal roles. If your loved one does not have an estate plan with a durable or medical power of attorney, then you will need to appoint a conservatorship, guardianship or both.

Your loved one may have difficulty managing their property or their finances due to a disability or illness. We can help appoint conservatorship, which will legally allow you to pay your loved one's bills, sell the property, pay off debts and handle all their basic finances.

An aging parent or relative may no longer be capable of communicating their wishes or making informed decisions. Guardianship puts you in charge of a loved one's comfort, care and personal well-being. As a guardian, you will make medical decisions for your loved one and can decide if they require care in a nursing home.

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